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    Sticky The Faces of AHG (V2)

    Yet you still ask me to pay for others VIP 😶
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    Pending Make Vanilla the de jure "serious" server

    Just some rough thoughts to put into writing. - Take off the boosted punch-o-meter for VIPs. - Put an emphasis on maps with less props by default (Westwood for example) - Staff/regulars need to stop the meta gaming. Harder punishment for it and in general causing chains. - Any map that has...
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    Pending Fix Propkilling

    Interesting way to suggest getting a barrel to the skull when you interfere in the heat of battle.
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    Pending Fix Propkilling

    Idk man being headshotted by a bowling ball from across the alley and yelling 'strike' is a feeling I can never not enjoy.
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    Pending Proximity Mine

    Honestly seems redundant with trips existing. Also I'm not a fan of the model for it. Way too easy to spot.
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    Pending Buff the Benelli or Shotgun

    Benelli is honestly a rather decent weapon in my experience. Vanilla shotgun, however, I do believe needs a rework of some sort. What used to be "the" weapon in vanilla is just straight up outclassed in the sandbox provided now.
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    Pending Replace ttt_nuketown with it's MC counterpart

    I did appreciate the T room in the MC version, and overall the wider structure makes it better for the population flow. Possible to have the MC version with the regular textures? Probably a tall order there lol
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    what is your favorite part about the server??

    Home for all barrel tossing and box lobbing connoisseurs. Also the very entertaining conversations. Including the general consensus of how great Arby's is.
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    That's it, that's the server. Marvelous prop work.
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    Pending de_apehouse

    Decent map, can be a bit small if you have 20+ people on it though. I can imagine most activity being in the backyard.
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    My experience with Ashes Relandi

    I bet they made the disguise solely for Ash to use all these years smh
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    Pending Allow us to let people control props we hold

    What's the point of kicking them off the prop to begin with? Just fling them to space if you don't like their existence!
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    Implemented Boogie Bomb of Death

    While I have enjoyed this addition, in only a few days it feels rather tiresome having this exist. We have enough fun propkilling normally, but like so, it can get redundant and annoying. Especially when you're dancing, it screams to everyone nearby "oh I HAVE to propkill them now!" type of MO...
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    Pending Call an Ambulance

    Start at 0:07 in his pause between sentences (tough to really get linking) I think you'd get the most humor potential cutting him off in the middle (with the explosion) of his last sentence. Could really work with it.