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For the past 2-3ish weeks? I've been having big issues with lag spikes in all the games I play, this includes garry's mod. This is something that has been overwhelming when I play but I deal with it cause i love the server, and have a lot of friends. At times, my game will just lag out, and being traitor in game fairly often, this apparently resulted in clips where it appears I look like I am aimbotting, however I'm genuinely just lagging. I've tried to verbally express this in-game before as it does frustrate me because its gotten me killed so many times LMAO. I'm not too sure what I could post for evidence but uh this is what i could come up with lmao:​
[REMOVED BY STAFF DUE TO PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFO] (my ping stuff, which shows lag spike :'))) if this shows personal info im a bit dumb, so, please dont do anything with it pls and ty)​
Honestly I'm down to just stream gmod so you can see the lag spikes i get honestly, like, its been a STRUGGLE. Tomorrow I'll try to record it on obs or whatever but i'm sleepy rn and saddo so yeeeeeeeee​
I would never want to try to cheat on any servers for ahg, i love the community, and it does upset me I got banned, however at the same time I do get how it looks especially given it being a client sided problem I have with lag spikes. If I would get unbanned, I am more than happy to record my gameplay everytime I'm on, or stream to whoever everytime I'm on (Which if i did to begin with, I'm sure I would have video with my lag spikes in ahg lol)​
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I banned you for hacking based on a combination of anticheat logs and footage I recorded today. Let's go through that evidence.

Clip 1

There's two things going on in this clip. I initially thought this was no recoil, but upon further examination, I realized you got stuck in an aimlock on the detective's torso, and the sudden downward motion was you trying to get out of that aimlock. You can also see the slight snap that starts the aimlock at 3 seconds into the video.

Clip 2

This one's got a lot of bad things going on.
  1. You snap onto AllOfYourMoney
  2. Snap onto shia's head while spraying down AllOfYourMoney
  3. Perfectly snap back to AllOfYourMoney
You set off an anticheat a lot. Our AC methods are admin+ information, but I have sent the logs to @j3kawesome and @Swiffe. for their review. What I will disclose is the odds of a false positive here is less than 10^-30%, and that you've been setting off the AC since you came to this community.

I am going to leave this open so that my leads can confirm that they reviewed the AC evidence, and to offer you the chance for a rebuttal. However, if you fail to be 100% truthful in this appeal, I will have no alternative but to keep the ban, and globalize it across all of our platforms.

P.S. I know that meth solutions (the premium hack you used "just to test on a private server") can be completely invisible to OBS, so the recordings won't show much.



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I have reviewed the anti cheat logs and can confirm that it came back positive for hacking


Are you shitting me in your pants?!
After also reviewing the anti cheat logs, it definitely came back positive for hacking.


I genuinely do not understand why I would have set off your AC or what would have resulted in a "positive for hacking". I did not cheat during ANY of my time on AHG, and I did not ever have the intentions to. In the end, it's your words against mine, but I would honestly like to know what's triggering the AC, because if I'm having issues with the one AHG has, this will more than likely be a reoccurring issue with other servers I genuinely do not want to have.

My appeal is 100% truthful, and I completely understand why it looks like I'm not being such, however I swear I am being truthful to what I have to say.

I'm more than happy to use other recording software other than OBS, but i dont think it's necessary if the logs are showing somehow that i was hacking even when I know I was not. All I can say is both clips are when I lag spiked to the point my stuff froze, as that happened fairly often.

Prior to AHG (about 2ish weeks before I joined the community) I did use meth solutions (which my subscription to ended 09/09ish, which I doubt helps much but ya kno i thought I'd add incase lmaoo). However i did not have the intention to use them again, and I still dont now. I have no idea if that plays any part in maybe why it triggered your AC, but aside from that I have never used cheats during my time period at ahg (this includes my break, where I actually had gmod uninstalled for a majority of the time, and just reinstalled to play on the server after personal things had gotten sorted)

Inevitably if my appeal gets declined, I completely understand and I appreciate all of you who made my time at AHG fun. As I stated above, I genuinely do want to know what would be triggering an AC, and would like to figure that out because to my knowledge, there is absolutely nothing that would be doing that.
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As I was killed in the second clip, I did find it very suspect at the time. I do, however, recall you talking in voice chat directly after about how bad you were lagging. So I chalked it up to that.
Now if that's reality or just an excuse for when you start aimbotting.. idk.


Special Properations
Let's go over methodology and why it's really, really unlikely that this was a false positive. There's a higher chance of winning the jackpot in a lottery (7.1511238420185E-6%) than a false positive in this situation.

Data Collection
Approximately 90,000 kills were collected since August. These were split into two datasets - labeled and unlabeled.

Labeled Dataset
  • Kills made by users that were signed up on the forums were automatically labeled as legitimate.
  • Kills made by me and a few other users on the dev server using various hacks were labeled as hacking.
  • 30% of the labeled dataset was excluded from training the detector, and was instead use to provide an accurate measurement of the detector's real accuracy. This is called a validation dataset.
Unlabeled Dataset
  • Kills made by users that were not signed up on the forums. 45749 kills made by 2042 different players.

Detection Methods
I ran two different models on the unlabeled dataset - one tuned for blatant aimbots, another tuned for subtle aimbots. They both returned a lot of positive hits on your kills.

Subtle Hacking
Validation Dataset Results
True Positive %: 321 / 464 (69.181%) of hacking kills were correctly identified as hacking
True Negative %: 12118 / 12162 (99.638%) of legit kills were correctly identified as legit

Unlabeled Dataset Results
45490 kills were labeled as legitimate
259 kills were labeled as hacking
0.5661325930621435% of all kills were labeled as hacking

Here's the number of detections for everyone in the unlabeled dataset that set off more than one detection. The format is the number of detections, the number of total kills, and the probability of that many detections happening across that many kills.
Statistically, the more kills you get, the higher the chances of a false positive. A low percentage implies a high confidence by the detector.

Someone 2 / 274 ~= 26.12481417110864127276902648%
Someone 2 / 421 ~= 45.04969553050558835682131520%
Someone 8 / 842 ~= 1.281158394365624780613896410%
Someone 6 / 814 ~= 7.827600371123071985139007220%
Someone 2 / 156 ~= 11.01722262770741636476110179%
Someone 2 / 504 ~= 54.48471257135807943971915430%
Someone 6 / 956 ~= 13.68758722408053363204875611%
Someone 7 / 3320 ~= 95.49193693366735784711596619%
Someone 2 / 38 ~= 0.8448830523287402531368268500%
Someone 2 / 107 ~= 5.789701955609884059409463370%
Someone 2 / 316 ~= 31.71109866838154822690851285%
Someone 2 / 715 ~= 73.09075780886082901474743276%
Someone 2 / 517 ~= 55.85639375750722737574379914%
Someone 2 / 1078 ~= 90.14149613577330637101381496%
Someone 2 / 9 ~= 0.0463853427893176095225232300%
Someone 4 / 355 ~= 4.131875839842128099642541360%
Someone 2 / 60 ~= 2.018631845414636415879097280%
Someone 2 / 117 ~= 6.768203886574358553004438130%
Someone 2 / 151 ~= 10.43957375753245954252819570%
Someone 3 / 443 ~= 21.74013715350598276528435169%
Acrasia 18 / 553 ~= 5.034779104174968600E-10%
Someone 2 / 198 ~= 16.14708744387407504144498877%
Someone 2 / 65 ~= 2.344212678020780373351517170%
Someone 2 / 84 ~= 3.756341488970316793673624620%
Someone 4 / 929 ~= 43.36769708690454545593476023%
Someone 3 / 212 ~= 4.255019235187668383131969480%
Someone 2 / 57 ~= 1.833203861972019497911954060%
Someone 3 / 5 ~= 0.0000471807130383102081217800%
Someone 9 / 34 ~= 5.160789033429100E-13%
Someone 3 / 1072 ~= 74.44103435451574644417436005%
Someone 2 / 49 ~= 1.376734664920089606006894170%
Someone 2 / 21 ~= 0.2628772444731194773937163400%
Someone 2 / 51 ~= 1.485541873326783114695531310%
Someone 2 / 39 ~= 0.8884267988692136490431041000%
Someone 4 / 28 ~= 0.0003279982443945032856773900%
Someone 2 / 6 ~= 0.0194676195610228971736262400%
Someone 2 / 313 ~= 31.31437137901927005135792778%
Someone 2 / 41 ~= 0.9784589311363078528991128400%
Someone 2 / 127 ~= 7.796510683219792898043820830%
Someone 4 / 66 ~= 0.0103466925731434828288346300%
Someone 3 / 23 ~= 0.0079573952411673512518047700%
Someone 3 / 86 ~= 0.3880735773011146906912752100%

Blatant Hacking
Validation Dataset Results

True Positive %: 1049 / 1168 (89.812%%) of hacking kills were correctly identified as hacking
True Negative %: 10586 / 10594 (99.924%%) of legit kills were correctly identified as legit

Unlabeled Dataset Results
45603 kills were labeled as legitimate
146 kills were labeled as hacking
0.31913265863734724% of all kills were labeled as hacking

Someone 2 / 814 ~= 3.900018653190190268999015810%
Someone 4 / 504 ~= 0.0047604864164614274615736300%
Someone 6 / 3320 ~= 0.19187327248470814 46531351800%
Someone 2 / 461 ~= 1.364140124089468477280673500%
Someone 2 / 1078 ~= 6.412469747458562277630455230%
Someone 4 / 60 ~= 9.996253997415272111600E-7%
Acrasia 8 / 553 ~= 7.4574457854969364100E-9%
Someone 12 / 34 ~= -1.00E-25%
Someone 2 / 14 ~= 0.0013100515737227744564381700%
Someone 2 / 22 ~= 0.0033187850989585743181414300%
Someone 2 / 5 ~= 0.0001442902872738706091616500%
Someone 2 / 3 ~= 0.0000433090256000000047681100%
Someone 2 / 21 ~= 0.0030178414222042359486123300%
Someone 2 / 10 ~= 0.0006484843848373056438465700%
Someone 2 / 28 ~= 0.0054224956341558663494228600%
Someone 2 / 4 ~= 0.0000865961086554080095326200%
Someone 3 / 8 ~= 3.068455875858720408500E-7%
Someone 2 / 13 ~= 0.0011231857901402758806470900%
Someone 2 / 3 ~= 0.0000433090256000000047681100%
Someone 2 / 5 ~= 0.0001442902872738706091616500%
Someone 6 / 19 ~= 8.1347504864900E-15%
Someone 3 / 5 ~= 5.48407277141100890400E-8%
Someone 7 / 21 ~= 1.32424484300E-17%
Someone 2 / 16 ~= 0.0017266657070106395765361600%

As such, based on a combination of anti-cheat data and the videos provided by @helix, I believe you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of hacking.

Appeal: Denied, and extended to forums + Discord since hacking bans are community-wide bans. Also, not voided.
Thread: Locked

If you have questions, you can reach out to me via Discord.

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