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I know it's already been a week since I resigned, but I saw Dan's farewell post and couldnt resist the opportunity to steal his thunder.

I've been a mod on SGM/AHG for 2 consecutive years and I've trained a good portion of the administration we have today. I've seen a LOT happen, but the problem I have is that I've never really felt recognized in the community. This kind of happens a lot for me personally, feeling like I'm in the background even though I'm trying my hardest to be part of the conversation.

So long story short, I'm resigning from staff. Probably not permanently, as it's only been a week and I already miss doing reports, but definitely for a good while so I can focus on other things. I'm not leaving this community though, because its literally the closest thing I have to social interaction in my life.

I don't have many people to tag, but I'll drop some passive-aggressive "compliments" for the people who had an impact on me.

@Credence for bringing me into this nightmare
@j3kawesome and @Espurr for being two of my favourite, most engaging admins despite hating your team names
@Coinston and @Alucard for being my first mod buddies
@Lordyhgm for sending the best hentai
@Cash for telling that self-righteous unnamed orange off his high horse
@JynxtheMynx for annoying me to death

And of course, thank you to @Rozboon for being such a supportive friend. You're a real treat, my man.

And thanks to many others not mentioned here ofc.


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I feel like we haven't heard all of your staff adventures, tell me about the new chapter coming up in a few months/weeks ;)


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I was really surprised to see you leave the team. I genuinely think you deserve to go places. I hope to see you back soon, and hopefully in red someday soon :love:

Edit: Can’t stop thinking about this post. I agree with you and have a lot of the same feelings about what you said.
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Peace be upon you and may your forklifting be safe.