Solved Change Color Skin Button is missing for certain skins and the color gets overwritten at the start of the round

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At the current moment the following skins have the color change button function;
  • Kleiner
  • Breen
  • Tron
The following skins can also change color (to some degree..."Chell") but don't have the change button.. soo the only way to change the color of these skins is to perform a little annoying trick;
  • G-Man
  • Chell
  • Magnusson
Lastly.. the color you picked gets overwritten at the start of each round to white.. so you need to unequip and requip the skin mid round for the color of the skin to actually change.

The Little Annoying Trick
During the round equip a skin that has the option to change color, pick the color you want than unequip that skin and equip the skin you want that color to be applied too either G-Man, Chell or Magnusson the other skins can't change color from what i have seen.

Tiny Edit
I just remembered something.. if you open the window where you change your skin color and close the pointshop window... the change skin color window will stay opened forever.. you will need to rejoin the server to get rid of it.. as far as i can tell
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Made these playermodels color changeable. Also if you close the PS window while the color picker window is open, just click the bind to open your chat to have your cursor show. Nothing I can really do without getting really hacky because it is the way that GMod's menu system works.
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