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My Dime Is Up

My Dime Is Kachow
I've created a Google Form for everyone to fill out about what they would like to see changed with the new chatbox. I've temporarily removed the chatbox due to people's complaints. Any responses that are nonconstructive will be removed from the poll. We're looking for real feedback to improve your experience as well as your friends and other server members.



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I mentioned this on the form, but I'm a bit confused by this push for the chatbox. As far as I know there hasn't been a suggestion to change the chatbox from the default chatbox. The default chatbox looks fine imo, and all iterations to change the chatbox just has everyone asking to revert it.

Why is the focus being put towards something no one is asking for rather than suggestions that are currently pending from the community? If this is something that has been suggested and wanted, by all means, ignore what I'm saying here but I'm just confused by the focus.

rog the dog

yea helix do be right like how hard is it to modify the vanilla chatbox to have the few features it might be missing that you want from this one

nobody wants this bro sorry take the L