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Chicken Nugget

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Chicken Nugget​
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Why you should be unbanned
I was COI banned off of SGM on 3/3/21 for distributing porn to minors. I think I should be unbanned because:
1. People have done worse on SGM, got COI banned, and had gotten unbanned by 4 months, like Meheezy. He hacked, gave porn to minors, used porn as sprays, DDOSed the server multiple times, and used alts countless times. He got unbanned in 4 months.
2. A lot of people still want me on the server. Yellow, My Dime Is Up, Nitro_Hunter, etc.
3. I have changed since then. I have started to go back to school full time, gotten more of a schedule, and I caption videos online for money. I have gotten my life together when while I was still playing on SGM all I did was online schooling and play video games.
4. What i did happened off-platform, inside another discord server.

I realize that what I did was horrible. I still hate myself for doing it and just want to apologize to the people I hurt. But I can't, because i don't have contact with them.
I was just a kid who didn't know better at the time. I was in a discord call and we all thought it was funny when it was happening. I was wrong. I am no longer friends with those people, and have cut all ties with them.
Meheezy got a deal where he got unbanned at a certain date. I would also like a chance. I am requesting my ban be shortened to 1/1/22.
Thank you for your time.​

Jabba the Slut

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I have seen this and will review it soon.

Jabba the Slut

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So I suppose I'll begin by addressing what you were banned for, and then I'll address your listed points.

You were permanently banned from SGM because you were upset with another SGM user, and you decided to find some online nudes, and send them to numerous other SGM users (including at least four other minors), claiming that they were nudes of the person you were angry with, and that she had sent them to you.

Not only is that extreme harassment and defamation, it is also illegal on account of you distributing pornographic material to minors.

Now let me address your points.

1. Other people doing worse things, unbanned or not, has no bearing on your own wrongdoings. MEHEEZY's SGM perma was for Excessive Ban Evasion. However, if you have evidence of him sending pornographic material to minors, you should absolutely give us that evidence. If it checks out, he would be immediately permabanned.

2. People wanting you unbanned means absolutely nothing.

3. I fail to see how you could have made significant change in the six months since your ban. I also don't know any twelve year olds I'd consider to have their life together.

4. What happens off-platform follows you. When you involve community members, you make it a community matter. Even if it involved no other community matter, the nature of your wrongdoings makes it our business to protect our community and its members from you.

In conclusion,

You committed not only extreme harassment and defamation against a community members, you also committed multiple counts of distributing pornographic material to minors. You did a cruel, stupid thing, and while you may be young it does not lessen the severity of your offenses. I have no inclination to lift or reduce your ban.

I will not consider any appeal from you until your 16th birthday at the earliest. Perhaps in four years you can make a solid case for having matured and grown as a person.

This appeal is Denied, and your forum account will carry your perma ban as well.

Appeal: Denied
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