Denied Cobb Goots's Ban Appeal

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Cobb Goots

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Cobb Goots, Covid Scientist​
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Declared the man who killed me in discord public voice chat as a funny haha joke but a particular admin overheard this and immediately got to work on the 4 week ban - a ban too long and too heavy for such a soft and light hearted little prankaroo from a man who wants nothing more than fun and whimsy.

Several staff members were in the VC at the time, including Ashes Relandi, Pauly, Helix, Bubonic, j3k, and more. None took particular grievance to the ""offense"" except for the one responsible for the ban, who will not be named explicitly because I have too much respect to oust someone in such a way.

It's just a little heavy handed, let a fella get back on for Pete sakes. Thanks! I'll give you 30 noted limpwurt roots just hit me up. Also I'm real cool.

Love, Cobb​


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Here's what happened below:

This was pretty blatant. If it was a lie or something as a joke I could understand but this was just straight ghosting in a channel full of staff. Maybe you didn't realize how long first offense was- idk. But I'll have to deny this.

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