Developer Change Log - Week of June 14th, 2021

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My Dime Is Up

My Dime Is Kachow
Sorry the late updates. We've been hard at work! Because of this past week being very busy, we haven't marked all of our changes clearly until now!

June 19th, 2021
  • Added store rank system. You can now purchase in-game ranks by clicking here.
  • Added modded server!
  • Fixed map images that were stretched in MapVote
  • Fixed missing map images on website
  • Fixed premium rank holders not getting ammo on spawn for their respective ranks
  • Fixed developer color being incorrect in-game
  • Fixed not being able to scroll in "Loadout" tab in Inventory Shop and being able to select weapons further down
  • Fixed de_piranesi MapVote image being named
  • Fixed de_tides MapVote image missing from content
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