Hand it over. That thing, your Mole Hole


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Realized I never made an introduction post on SGM, so might as well do it here.
I'm Moleman (usually go by Adam IRL). I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada and I'm a university CompSci student. I started playing on SGM in 2016, but only joined the community in late 2019. Now I'm here on AHG, and I plan on staying for a good while :).

Some fun facts about Moleman:
- I've been speaking French since I was 5
- I play acoustic guitar (not very good at it though)
- I have 2 cats and a dog (one of the cats might be dead tho)
- I love rock-climbing and tennis
- My left leg is longer than my right leg
- I'm currently trying to re-learn C# so I can mod s&box when it releases

that's pretty much everything interesting about me