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Jabba the Slut

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I told Highwon to make me Owner and he said "No you."

So here we are, it's weird, I'm absolutely underqualified to be an Owner but I'm gonna give it my absolute best.

I'm very lucky to have the talent and skill of both @Temar and @Pierogi as my co-owners. I am also very grateful to have our Leads and Admins who have done amazing work getting these forums working, as well as our Discord.

It's going to be a very wild ride, I'm going to fuck up a lot, like, a LOT, but I hope you all can bear with me long enough to see this beautiful thing through.

A community founded and operated for and by great people. I once said that SGM was a family, and that is the spirit I want to carry over.

Some of you may not know me, so I'll get into a bit of an introduction.

I'm Jabba, though some people know me by my real name, Ethan.

I'm 22, I live in Texas, and I cook fast food full-time.

I joined SGM in 2016, but didn't get too involved with the community until late 2017. My first staff tenure lasted a month in 2018. I reapplied a year later once my circumstances had improved. I got Moderator, then Administrator, the Lead Administrator.

My favorite achievements from my time running the SGM community include getting @My Dime Is Up as a developer, putting together the Content Creator team, convincing Highwon to reinstate the slur ban, organizing cross-community relations and events, and founding GMOD Servers United (GSU) to fight against *****/groomers on Garry's Mod.

Starting my own community has never been a plan of mine, and there is no way in hell I ever could have done it alone. I am excited to have more creative freedom, something I believe we all appreciate.

My biggest regret with SGM is that I wasn't around when Highwon was actively engaged with the community as its Owner. I can only imagine what things might have been like had our paths crossed earlier on.

I can only promise that I will be as active and available as I possibly can be for you all. I will never be an absent Owner.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey.


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hi owner, can I have mod. i'm experience on staffing xenforo 2 forums and i'm an experienced gamer as well.


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Its jabab


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I did always think that you would become the owner somehow even if it's through the eventual successor of SGM. You're one example of strong leadership that a server needs. When Highwon doesn't speak you're the one who did. While you're at it please try to make something that isn't just a big mac.


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You are going to do great Jabba, I am so proud of what you've done and become. I can wait to see what you can make happen!