How to buy Traitor and Detective items without pressing C


Trial Moderator
This is how to bind keys to automatically buy the T or D weapons. These are the commands you can bind.

To enter a keybinding, go into your console (default ~) and type bind-key and then what you want to bind. Replace the key with what button you want to bind. i.e.: bind k ""ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_knife"
you must type it exactly how it is listed, quotes included, and DO NOT forget the space. Also, you NEED to put in quotes ttt_order_equipment and then a space then you can put weapon_ttt_(weapon). I will be using the key k for this list.

This list will show you the binds you can do for Traitor and Detective items without pressing C!

Traitor bind list:
bind k "ttt_order_equipment 1" <--(Body Armor)
bind k "ttt_order_equipment 2" <--(Radar)
bind k "ttt_order_equipment 4" <--(Disguiser)
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_flaregun"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_teleport"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_radio"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_push" <--(Newton Launcher)
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_knife"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_decoy"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_c4"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_harpoon"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_sipistol" <--(Silenced Pistol)
bind k "ttt_toggle_disguise" <-- Toggles your disguiser on and off.

Detective bind list
bind k "ttt_order_equipment 2" <--(Radar)
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_cse" <--(Visualizer)
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_defuser"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_teleport"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_jackhammer"
bind k "ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_health_station"

These are all the Traitor and Detective shop weapons you can buy. You can copy and paste the ones you want! Unfortunately, the binoculars cannot be bound. You may use ANY key you'd like besides K. That was just an example use key.