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Was banned for "excessive harassment" for two weeks. Now I don't usually record when I play, especially if there are mods on, so I don't have anything. Hopefully the admin/mod who banned me can provide some video of the ENTIRE session. Also would like to point out that during this gaming session with Sweet Revenge aka Pink Waves, I was never ONCE warned to stop. Essentially, I made a comment (in whispers) to Sweet Revenge about how he sounded a bit racist. I even made it a joking compliment, saying it was "pretty hot." I was essentially trying to offer an olive branch, like "hey, I'm joking about it, so that means we cool, I'm not gonna hold it against you anymore." Then, Mr. Sweet Revenge started to berate me IN PUBLIC CHAT about me being stupid and homophobic (I'm part of the LGBT community so this really stings). I have asked mods in the past to warn him against calling me homophobic for no reason. Well, since he was being a bit of a prick, calling me names and such, I took that "oh ok gloves are off" so I made 1-3 comments about him being racist, he shut up, I shut up, I was watching youtube when I got banned. I am sick and tired of this dude not only getting off scot-free with harassing me (his words in-game went along with "no one in this server is as dumb as you"), but me getting in trouble for clapping back. Like seriously fuck me for trying to put our past behind and just have us enjoy the game without harassment, he can't let it go, harrassed me, I shot back, I get banned. I request either a warning for him and unban for me or an equal or greater ban for Mr. Sweet Revenge aka Pink Waves.

Thank you for your consideration.​


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Hey there Hummgy. I am the admin who banned you today.

For over a month you have been continuously harassing and demonstrating extreme toxicity towards pink waves. You have been calling him racist, following him around and targeting him in-game, and so on. This is clearly evidenced in the following imgur album, screenshot from today, and video:
- harassment
- more harassment
- you following and targeting pink waves, included in the video is a direct warning from me to stop.

Time and time again, despite many warnings, you have continued to show that you are incapable of maturing and playing the game without targeting and harassing one specific player. We absolutely do not tolerate that sort of behaviour on our servers.
You can wait out the 2 week ban. In my opinion, for what you have done and how long you have done it that is quite lenient. If this behaviour continues after your ban it will be considerably longer.

If you truly did feel harassed yourself by pink waves, collect the evidence of it and send it to myself or another staff member. He'll be punished accordingly. But that still does not excuse your behaviour.

See you in 2 weeks.
Appeal denied.
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