I Am Still The Head Admin


"I'll be seeing you on the forums."
They may have removed my mod rank and taken away my access permissions.

But as you all can see.

Even with no power, I am still counted and recognized as the only one with authority around.

Count yourselves lucky that I only display a fraction of my true power. Your boy just got his refill on his addy.
And oh boy.
I am no boy once more. For you may now call me Addy Daddy.
For each dose I take, my cranial capabilities expand ten-fold. I could make this entire community submit to my will if I so chose to.

However. I am a benevolent. And wish to see this community prosper.

So please,
Do this community a service and with just one small act you too can make a difference.

So please, private message Pierogi a one time message of "haha noob, get gud scrub, a scrub-a-dub-dub. Also give Pwn all the points you've been farming... bitch."

Thank you for your time.


Dr Pepper Enthusiast