Solved Inserting a Link in Your Profile Feed Counts Towards the 420 Character Count

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1. I tried posting this to my profile a few days and was unable to due it saying I had reached the 420 character limit. I ended up having to post the picture on Imgur and use the link created by Imgur to insert the link. This then worked. It appears like the characters used for the link are counted towards the 420 character limit, even though they are "hidden"? behind the words used for the link.

2. I can post the full original link easily in a normal thread like this without having to first go through Imgur.
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3. I don't know if this is really even a bug to begin with. It's not a complete hindrance as Imgur exists, but to have to go through that extra step feels tedious. Just wanted to know if this was intended or not.
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So I'm just gonna say that this is 430 characters long. And that there's like a 99% chance that this is meant to be a feature



That's normal, even the hidden BBCode tags, the ones which you can see if you click the [ ] button to the left of preview, count for the character limit, in fact I'm pretty sure that's what gets sent to the server. Your link is 377 characters long, 470 with all the tags and the text description. It works in a normal thread because forum posts have a limit of 10000(edit: 50000 actually <link>) characters.

I don't think that xenforo lets you change anything but the maximum character limit itself, I could be wrong though.

At any rate it's just potentially bad for the website's stability/performance if it ignored the size of the link, because the server still has to receive the plaintext version, has to store it in a database and sometime before it displays the message for us, maybe before it's stored?, it has to convert it to an html version which is even bigger...

Although from googling the max length the default xenforo database can store for a single message is ~16KB (stored in a database column of a type called "mediumtext", apparently) or ~16.777 million characters.

Definitely not a bug though.
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I have gone in and doubled the length that profile messages can be from 420 to 840. Please DM me on discord if you are still having trouble with those links in profile posts

EDIT: When it comes to profile posts and regular posts, the BB Code contributes to the maximum character count
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