Its'a Me


Hello, It's me Noctorious

Most will know me from lurking in SGM Forums, some will know me from in game, and some will know me from my various terms as a staff member of SGM. I'm sad to see SGM go but overjoyed to see the spirit will live on in AHG. I joined SGM way back in 2014 when I was working nights at Pizza Hut and was a college drop out. Now I join AHG in 2021 working normal business hours in an office job, having achieved an associates of science and working on an associates of Accounting Information Management, I have beautiful twin girls, and I'm looking to purchase my first house. I'm hoping the best for AHG and I know @Jabba the Slut will put heart and soul into this community.

Good Hunting


thick in the thighs, but thicker in the head
Welcome to AHG Noctorious I’m glad to see you are here and hope to play with you when servers open up