Denied Jizzics's Ban Appeal

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Merry Christmas Eve

So I may have been included in some banter about Jewish people anddddd things might have been a little harsh but I lowkey had no Idea that what I said was bannable for 4 weeks.
I am trying to get unbanned so I can get the rest of my hours for the Christmas hat and play during the winter event in general to get my skins and whatnot. I realize that I shouldn't have said what I said and I'm hoping someone sees this and can spare me so that I can finish my p90 kills and the hours for the hat. I won't use my mic for a month if I have to. Whatever your decision is, I hope you all had a good Christmas Eve.

Apologies and Merry Christmas,
Bing (Jizzics)​


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Hey Jizzics. You were banned by @j3ksleighsome. He's probably asleep by now so he'll respond when he can.
Your steamid is STEAM_0:0:168829364 for future reference.


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Hey Jizzics,
So I banned you for Disturbing Content (Ruining Christmas) after you made some very anti-Semitic remarks

Your 1st Offense was due to the video below and the statement you made in which Pierogi warned you for your remark

After that, you continued to make yet another Anti-Semitic remark as seen below which led to your ban

Due to this and the fact that we want to make our Christmas event and server a welcoming place and these remarks have the very real ability to turn people away and make them think that this is not a safe place. Due to this I will not be accepting your appeal.

Appeal: Denied
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