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A song by NLE Choppa played in my apartment and I thought a line was funny "I wanna nut like a n***a named sandy" so I said it. Kamoflagh pmed me and told me that is a slur, and I told him I didnt mean to but I understood, and after that I specifically referred to the line when someone mentioned it by saying "n word." Maybe 2 minutes later I get banned for slurs. I was not trying to slur when i said it and i thought that my conversation with Kamo indicated that i understood that yall would just rather the word be avoided altogether. I would appreciate an unban this server is cool and i think this was a misunderstanding. I am new here and wasnt trying to offend anyone when i said that. It won't happen again​
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Good Morning Gamers
You were banned by @Cloudia for using slurs
Please wait for their response.


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Hi, I've seen your appeal, and I will make my judgement now. You've been spotted beforehand using the F slur twice beforehand in a previous map. You were gagged/warned for the first slur and kicked for the second as standard procedure for such a thing. Below here are videos of the slurs. I'm sorry if any of the videos offend because they are uncensored.
The N-word, regardless, is not allowed within our community. I won't be accepting your appeal as you've shown yourself that you can't control yourself with slurs within the server.
Appeal: Rejected
Thread: Locked
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