Approved My appeal on my first warning.

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On the 30th of May, I received a warning from infamous user j3kawesome for the reason of slurs.
The story behind it was that well known conservative talk show host Sticky Bandit was talking about a certain dog that has a certain word in it that he chose to censor.
After not shutting up about it, I came into the picture by saying the full name of the dog uncensored which resulted in him @'ing all the staff saying that I said a slur.
I was publicly humiliated for my actions, anytime I joined the servers I would be reminded of it leaving me into a deep state of depression. The abuse, drinking, and lies only began from here.
I'm proud to say that I've learned from this warning and that I'm no longer racist anymore. I hope to get this part of my past removed despite it taking place almost 3 months ago.


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After looking back at the evidence, I will remove the warning from your account

Appeal: Accepted
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