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Reported Person's IGN
25 buttholes​
Reported Person's SteamID
Explain the situation
Suspected Hack in use​
ToggledT-finder (Based on him able to identify traitors? (but severely lack of proof)​
Toggled Aimbot (high suspicious based on given evidence)​
Wallhack (Can't be exactly sure because Toggled Aimbot is in play)​
danstorm already knew about this one, but I just want to report it with additional evidence (my demo)​
unfortunately on my end, I'm unable to see stuffs (ERRORS/PURPLE WALL etc. due to not having CSS resource packs)​
hope it shows well on your end.​
Why am I suspecting him​
The reason for my initial suspicion came at a few reason.​
1. His crosshair placement throughout the game is weird, aiming like a average player while running around ( at the groin/leg angle (if you know what i mean) while having instant capabilities to get a good 4-5 spray of body/headshots)​
2. His abilities to get information while staring at opaque objects (walls/rock/etc.)​
Attached is the demo file
Color coded for your convenience​
White for Notes​
Yellow for Medium based suspicion
Red for high based suspicion
Green for 99% concrete suspicion
0 (demo start)
4100 (Locking on Mystaldi at a non-human speed), if you slow down the footage to 22.4%, at frame 4340, you will be able to see the instant-lock on the body)
4800 (this one is very insufficient but him locking at danstorm?)
5000 & 5160(Looking at the stone pillar at 5000 and 5160 looking at lighthouse)
14583 ( locking at alex, before locking at koanda and then mystadi at above average human speed?)
15000 (I'm unable to see this as he is scoped in (and I'm seeing missing texture, but notice he suddenly turns his crosshair towards savannah while zoomed in)
17264 (I'm not sure if this is a visual glitch, he shot his sniper no scoped and then changed towards deagle (sniper does not have accuracy while not scoped in, but deagle does, this I cannot say much except the instant-lock on his head)
25330 (notice while he is scoped in at tower, he immediately zooms towards alex at the hilltop house roof)
30982 (actual 31031) locking towards Mystaldi first before (i presume its bottom lighthouse) followed by locking at waffle at bottom hill house)
Note after this point I will not be listing down the part where he looks through wall, just the snappy aim) - I regret to say that this line got disregarded this line (but mainly snapping at people name (including through opaque objects)
33150 snappy aim towards Mystaldi through boulder (33216-33218 very is the most obvious part, 33294 would have gotten him the shot, (but he shot the boulder by accident)'
36300 (getting information on danstorm through floor, note that he immediately turned towards the direction of danstorm, and he does it again a few times at a later frame)
38150 (snapped at koanda head)
39252 (snapped at danstorm through floor)
39500 (snapped at Syn)
39700 (this part I don't get, (maybe he is trying to play it off)
45000 (snapped at syn through wall)
46200 (noticed the jihad, panning from beach to lighthouse in 1 second, after then he keeps his crosshair on xavier for a short while then immediately on the jihader")
46610 (Suspicious snap on LobsterSauce then Koanda)
55690 (demo ends here with no evidence forward)
Ending note​
I can agree that he might have really good aim, but his crosshair placement + the ability to get information through wall seems "sus" :)
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Ainoyu Yunomi

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After watching the demo twice and checking with danstorm to see if he has any further evidence, I will be marking this report invalid due to insufficient evidence to prove that 25 buttholes is hacking.

The reason why I will be marking this report invalid is for the following reasons.

Aim Assistant and Aimbot tends to have bit of characteristic when snapping. While 25 buttholes' aim is bit shacky at times, it does not show characteristics of a snap. Secondly, aiming at groin/body region is what an average player would probably normally do, but we have a decent portion of players who try to aim around the heads with deagles, revolvers, etc. because shooting in the head is effective. Granted, there's aimbot and aim assistance for hackers to go around the head; However, we cannot penalize people for constantly aiming for heads. Based on the demo, there is not enough information to fully determine that 25 buttholes is using aimbot or aim assistant.

Information gathering is a useful tool. Hackers will use wallhacks or t finder to help them out. However, AHG provides numerous visual cues based on what I can see. Blood splatter from people being shot. Paying keen attention to one's surroundings. Few looks like it could be killing off location or claiming gba and common sense. And so on. Thus, there are some that may be deemed suspicious, there are other factors in play that can be used to explain the situation of why or how. Based on the demo, there is insufficient evidence in that aspect.

Regardless, thank you for your time to file a report to try and help keep AHG clean from potential hackers.

Report Invalid.
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