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OK to preface this I used a lot of drugs and I've been homeless a bunch these last months so my timeline is kinda messed up. so I was banned on the discord server because I called Indy a retard, Indy did not make a report of this and a staff member took it upon himself to ban me for this for some reason, the ban was 20 weeks or some ridiculpous length(i wasn't even able to see cuz it auto kicked me once i got the ban), now 5 months for cxalling someone a retard is really extreme, apparantly this ban wasn't just for discord it counted as a community ban. now I was under the impression my ban expired on july the 13th (that what it said when i tried to join the server) so i waited patiently untill july the 14th when I started playing again.

I started laying again occassionaly starting from July and then I was banned for ban evasion, but it's my main account lol, I didnt create a new account to evade, you just forgot to ban me in game and i was under the impression i was unbanned, how is that ban evaidng? you just forgot to ban me lol.

Anyway I haven't played for a couple of months now and I figured it's time I get unbanned since 20 weeks for calling someone a retard is a stupid when someone else would just get a warning for something like that, especially when the guy I used that word on didn't even report me in the first place lol.​


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@Pierogi will take a look at this when he gets the chance.


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Here's the original ban, made on June 13th:
Notice the expiration date on the ban - December 15th, 2021. You were originally banned until mid-September, but I extended the ban due to evasion. There's only two possibilities with the ban above - you were straight up banned for 6 months, or you were banned for some amount of time and that was later extended while the ban was still active (which is what happened here). If your ban was expired for even one second, there'd be a new entry in the ban list. I am not responsible for your failure to properly remember your ban lengths. This whole situation could have been avoided if you took 2 minutes to hop on your alt to see if you were still banned.

Also, even though you exhausted your appeal for the community ban, I'll address it here anyways. You were banned for disturbing content towards a minor, as well as just generally atrocious behavior on various parts of the community. I already explained this to you in our DMs. The fact that you continue with this line of attack tells me you haven't learned anything from your ban.

Your ban is until December 15th, 2021 at 11:32 PM Eastern Time.

Appeal: Denied
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