Overpowered guns


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So theres some guns that do way too much damage or fire too fast. TTT is meant to have shitty guns so the t's cant just blast some inno without them being able to call them out. The traitors should have to plan when to shoot someone, not just open up on a group of innos like hes john wick or some shit. I understand if the stock guns suck too much ass, but now they are too good. I think they can be somewhere in the middle. Almost every gun has 0 recoil. There's a reason the stock mac 10 and m16 recoil into the sky. Its so you cant just mow down a group of people without even trying, which is something I can do with the galil and new m16. I literally murdered 4 people in 1 galil mag because i just had to aim at head level and hold mouse 1. If I tried that with the mac 10 (which I think is a fair and balanced gun) I would have to burst fire each person and stick the gun to their head so i didnt miss. So i would need to have some skill. I get if the idea is to make it easier for everyone to have fun without being a sweaty tryhard, but I think it's too easy. I think the dualies are pretty fair, maybe they do a little too much damage for the fire rate, but the recoil is good. And alot of these guns need more bullet spread and side to side recoil, not just vertical

SG550 auto sniper: This thing can 60 damage and fires almost as fast as the stock m16. With the fire rate it has it should do like 33 damage max. You can use it as a close range rifle and a sniper. Definitely the most broken gun.

Galil: It fires too fast and doesnt have enough recoil. It does more damage than a mac 10 and almost fires as fast. Increase the recoil and reduce the damage, maybe 25

Deagle: The fire rate was increased, so it can be spammed too quickly now. The stock fire rate was fine

Pistol: Again the stock rate of fire was fine. It can be spammed too much

M16: The gun too little bullet spread and the rate of fire was increased way too high. But I think the recoil is decent. Similar issues to the galil. Maybe have the galil fire slower but do more damage, make this fire faster and do 20 damage

MP5: Damage and rate of fire are fine, but it has 0 recoil.

Famas: Not enough recoil. Everything else is fine

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The ak was left out of this, the AK47 is completely boned, I understand that before transition it was absolutely Overpowered, now its just completely un-useable, I dont know about the damage because I never use it, but the fire rate needs just a little push up.

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The way I look at it is everyone has access to these guns, and also the traitors are by far outnumbered in a half-full server (or full). Because they are outnumbered, they get the advantage of being able to shoot first, and pick people off 1 by 1 or spray down a few people.

The game would be extremely boring if people could take 9+ shots to kill.