Denied pauly's Ban Appeal

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Evil Pauly

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Your username
Reason listed for ban
posting PORNO​
Why should you be unbanned
I'm so sorry for that last post I didn't know how to post ban appeals but now I do, I have grown as a person since I've posted my last appeal and would like to join my friends in the land of the living once again, I was not thinking when I posted porno in the shout box I thought it was just a funny stick figure drawing but it had BOOBS, I'm sorry :(, but I've changed since then and have become more familiar with the rules thanks. :)


I don’t feel like cooperating with destiny.
Tagging @Lunar as they were the original person to ban. Give them some time to respond


8:00 PM
I've seen this and will respond soon, it's 1:52AM for me right now so a response can be in a few minutes or a few hours (schleepin).


8:00 PM
Hey Pauly,

To begin with the appeal, on June 3rd, you posted an image of a very goofy lady nude. I had realized that you posted the image and deleted it,


I then proceeded to ban you for 1 Week (Reduced from 2W -> 1W from the severity of the image), for Disturbing Content.


Considering you have 2 days left of the ban to serve, and the ban was already reduced from the standard 2 Weeks to 1 Week, I'll be Denying this appeal.

During this time, you can re-read the Discord Rules so these types of scenarios will not happen again.

0. Use common sense. This is a very base draft of the rules. Discretion will be used if you are trying to loophole
1. Don’t harass others. If you can’t talk civilly to one another, then don’t do it at all.
2. Please use only English in the public channels. Our community is composed mainly of English speakers, and we expect our users to respect that. You may use any language you wish in your private channels.
3. Do not spam, flood, raid or otherwise disrupt the server's channels. Do not spam or abuse tagging staff roles.
4. No porn, gore, disgusting/disturbing or NSFW content at all, even in private channels. We do not allow this content anywhere in our community.
5. Offensive or disturbing names will be changed at the discretion of the staff member handling it. Continued use of troll/offensive names will be punished under admin discretion
6. Do not advertise other communities, game servers or similar things.
7.Do not post anything illegal/illegal activities are not allowed.
8. No doxxing: do not post or distribute private information about other users without their consent. This includes names, pictures, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. Note: Punishments for doxxing ranges from a warning up to a permanent ban, depending on severity
9. Do not post images, gifs, emojis or other content that is overly bright/flashing ("seizure inducing"), or is unproportionally big in its dimensions.
10. You may only have one account in our Discord, at a time. Using alts to evade punishment will result in harsh action.
11. All of Discord's Terms of Service apply to our server as well.
12. Slurs are not allowed. Hate speech will be dealt with severely
13. No politics. If we create a #politics channel you can debate there.
14. File uploads must be limited to images and videos only. Any other type of file will be deleted by staff

Appeal: Denied

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up on Discord @ Lunar#5014.
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