Approved Pocket Lint's Ban Appeal

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Pocket Lint

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Pocket Lint​
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As you can see by my response to my report which ultimately resulted in me getting banned :( I was very apologetic and regretful of my actions.
I just want to play on my most favoritest server on gmod. I have learned from the fear from this ban that I shouldn't be breaking the rules anymore. I will try to the best of my ability to follow the rules if I am unbanned. I am so very sorry for breaking the rules and doing the no no.​
The owner of this server loves RDM & as a fellow RDMer I can relate with him on an emotional level, sometimes we just have to fulfil the need to RDM, but I understand that sometimes it makes people feel upset so I will be holding my urges to RDM and follow the rules.
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All of your evidence for this ban is seen in the report that you have mentioned.

Given it is your first offense I will be lifting this ban - But know that the ban is not voided, if you Mass RDM again it will be 2nd offense which is a 2w ban

Appeal: Accepted
Void: Not Voided
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