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Rules & Guidelines:

This forum was made for members of the community to ask questions directly to staff members and receive a full, complete answer. Any question that you have concerning our community can be asked and answered here.
  • Please search before asking a question as it may have been answered before.
  • Replies in the forum will be moderated to prevent false information, unless you are the original thread creator or a staff member, please refrain from replying to a question.
  • You may answer questions if you are 100% sure your answer is correct, however your response will be pending moderation.
  • Only ask questions (in the form of a thread) that pertain to AHG.
  • Please avoid creating questions that are clearly pointed for debate and discussion. If you wish to make changes to the rules, or if you wish for a certain rule or protocol to be discussed, please post in the suggestions subforum.
  • We reserve the right to move any thread that does not apply to the rules of this subforum.


Can we shitpost in QnA?
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