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This guys cheating in real life. No recoil, Bhop hacks, and aimlock still can't get kills​


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I was with ^4Evolution for awhile and had spec'd him a few times and never saw any evidence of hacking during our game play. If he did or was then it was when I was not spectating him or after I had got off.


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Actually, I don't play Garyy Mod that much anymore. I used to play a lot in 2015 or so, my favorite gamemodes were deathrun and jailbreak. Around April, 2015, I got introduced from bhop and from then on it was love at first sight. I got better and better, and eventually transitioned to Countrer Strike Soursce in 2016. I grinded for a bit, and was eventually able to get uploaded on the channel Sourcejump. It was fucking epic. I was ecstatic. It only made me more hungry for greatness. I had to be better. So i kept grinding. All day, Strafing left and right. Running maps. fucking JUMPING. and I did excatly what i wanted. i got BETTER. I was able to get more and more uploads, eventually surpassing old records i admired as a little noobie. I'd say the peak of my career was in august 2017, when i hit my famed "bhop_hikari in 1:09" run. I had did it. I had beaten SomebodyEpic, the LEGEND. I was so accomplished. I was shaking at the end of the run. I screamed when i hit it. I couldn't believe that since I started admiring the legends of bhop in 2015, I managed to become one myself. Yeah, I know it's pretty crazy to see a bhop celebrity come out of hiding like this, but I do it for the people. I sort of retired after the hikari run, but got a small little run in 2018 under a secret alias. However, my true comeback was in february 2021, when I got world record on "bhop_colorclash" in 1:33. I missed the feeling of bhop. I missed the strafing. I missed the rage. And i got it back. After a few weeks, i managed to reclaim my throne. Since then I've been satisfied, but who knows.... maybe the craving will come back some day. It always does.
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