Valid Report against danstorm

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Good Morning Gamers
Oh sorry, it was a distasteful joke.
Tbh, before I came to this server I didnt even know that the whole remove kebabs meant "remove Turks". Everyone has been pretty okay with me making sarcastic Serbians jokes, but I guess I didnt make this joke an obvious sarcasm. If you are bothered by it, I will refrain from using it.
Just know I have nothing against Turks, or any nation worldwide. I just like a little bit of edgy humor from time to time.

To clarify the sarcasm, Fear said above that he bought an airsoft rifle, not a real one, so I thought it would be okay to add sarcasm there.


Well I dont really feel there is much to add here.
danstorm already admitted that the joke werenot intended to be harmful, and more edgy.
He will be taking this as a learning experience for sure.

On an honest note, I had no clue that was even a thing.
He will know now, for the future, to be more wary with the jokes he makes.

This could have been solved with a quick DM to either me or Danstorm tho.

But hey we get to test out this part of the forum ouo
So thank you for reporting.

I dont see a need to bring up a big talk with danstorm, he already know what he did wrong.

First report in AHG history against @danstorm is to be found Valid
Not open for further replies.