Solved Spawn point on the map Taiga Forest leads to people getting stuck in a wall

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I know that we've already moved back to the non-winter map rotation, but I feel that this needs to be addressed for future use of the map in future events.

There is a spawn point on the map Taiga Forest that is too close to a wall, which leads to people spawning in and immediately clipping into said wall.

This can be demonstrated by the following screengrab from the morning of 12/30, in which the user khaynie.banjo fell victim to this circumstance:


Steps to recreate:
1. Have the server switch to Taiga Forest.
2. Have someone spawn at the spawn point indicated in the above picture and move immediately towards the wall.

Steps to fix:
1. Relocate spawn point further from the wall.

Hopefully this can be addressed so that the map Taiga Forest can be used in future events without further issues.
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