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Greetings. I just got banned few minutes ago, for targeting (I guess) upon Michael and whatever his name is. Even he also was trying to kill me all the rounds with the excuse that I called the Detective as a traitor (We all know that a detective cannot be a traitor at the same time lmao, simple logic). Yes, I shot him like twice, once was indeed RDM and the another one was for locking the door (I don't have a microphone so I can't just type and wait until he shots first and kill me). Anyway, at the beginning of the next round, I had an explosive barrel on sight, Michael was close of it, but I waited until he wasn't and go explode it, he didn't care about it he just fired at me, even though I was clearly waiting until he leave the explosion ratio (my intention was never to hurt him); of course I reported him, but seems that some of the mods have favoritism for some players.

This isn't about Michael, I don't have any kind of a problem with him, he's actually a good player. Anyway, this is unfair and I didn't commit "Mass RDM" as you call it, it could be "Targeting" (which is not, just killed him once and shot him once too) and a warn would be enough.

Thanks for your attention, have a great day.


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Hey @Speedie,

Seems you were banned by @Lunar for Mass RDM (2nd offense).

Give her some time to collect her evidence.


8:00 PM
So this is unfortunate for me at least. I could've sworn I was recording but it was just me clipping something, meaning the screenshots for the reports are unavailable for this report.

Here are the slays I gave you during the session,

During my play sessions, I don't really keep the track of time and hadn't realized that the initial slay that I gave you was nearly an hour and a half ago, a lot of the maps were repeated.

I'll be unbanning you from this mistake, but I will say this.

You are known to target players, and for seemingly no reason you decided to target Hummgy for nearly the entire play session. Despite the ban being invalid, please stop the behaviour of you targetting players.



Contact me on discord if you have any questions at Lunar#5014.
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