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TTT Applications: Open
Some things you should be aware of before you Apply:
  • Only activity on AHG platforms is considered for time requirements
  • Not everyone can be staff.
  • You will be up against all of other applicants.
  • Spots on the staff team can be limited, at times.
  • Do not make fake/meme applications. You may be warned for doing so.
  • Do not advertise your application. If you have questions about your app, feel free to message an admin. Do not ask staff to look at your app, and don’t mention your app in public forums/discord.
The Staff Team of AHG
The staff team represent the AHG Community both in-game and on Discord/Forums. The team is made up of several roles:
  • Trial Moderators: While not part of the staff team, almost all accepted applicants first go through a trial phase, where they will learn how to handle reports and be taught the rules and protocol they'll need to effectively staff as a Moderator.
  • Moderators: The backbone of the team. Moderators handle most of the day-to-day staffing on our game servers, and are almost always present in the discord and forums
  • Senior Moderators: Considered part of the moderator team, these members are veteran mods who have proved themselves trustworthy and knowledgeable enough to make decisions that would normally need an admin's approval. They are also a great resource for Trial Mods and Moderators to use when unsure of certain rules or protocols.
  • Administrators: The "managers" of AHG. Admins pick the moderators for their team as well as give them guidance during their training. Each Admin is responsible for up to 4 Moderators/Senior Moderators.
  • Lead Admins: Responsible for selecting Admins, as well as making decisions that affect the community, Lead Admins are members of the Leadership, which together with the Directors, are responsible for the management of the community and its services. The main role of Lead Admins is to manage the everyday business of the community, handle high-level decisions, supervise the staff team and initiate changes and/or new policies.
  • Directors: Simply put, these guys own the community and are the other half of leadership. They hold many of the same responsibilities as Lead Admins, and are responsible for choosing the direction of the community
As a Moderator, your objective is to enforce AHG rules and assist players. You will be given a variety of tools to help you complete your objective.

AHG Staff Ethos
The characteristic spirit of the staff team. Built on some of the following characteristics:

Professional players always show respect to whomever they are dealing with, no matter their personal opinion or standing with them.​
Active players maintain high availability and activity in the AHG community at all times. The AHG community is composed of many different services - GMod, Minecraft, AHG forums, Discord - all of them require constant supervision and staffing. Remaining active on all platforms shows community members who you are and it gives them someone upon which they can rely.​
Committed players take hold of their responsibilities to another level. Being committed to the AHG staff team can be demanding and stressful at times. Dedicating time to the AHG community and being a part of "something bigger" is the foundation of the staff team.​

Minimum Requirements (All Servers)
All of these requirements must be met BEFORE you make your application. Applicants that do not meet those requirements will be automatically rejected.

Able to adequately communicate in English
Staff are required to properly communicate to our community and English is the primary language of communication. Knowing another language can also be a benefit your application.​
Linked Discord Account
- Discord is used to communicate as a team and make announcements.​
- Staff members are also required to moderate our Discord and ensure the chat is clean from troublemakers.​
Two-Factor Authentication Enabled
For security purposes.​

Minimum Requirements (TTT)
15 hours of Gameplay bi-weekly (within two weeks)
You cannot apply with less than 15 hours in the last two weeks.​
30 total hours of gameplay on our TTT servers
Be well knowledgeable in how our servers work and in the rules that apply to them. Placed to ensure candidates have took some time to get familiar with the servers and the community.​

Now that you know what we require from our candidates, it's time to evaluate whether or not you should give it a go. To help you with this, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you meet the minimum requirements mentioned above?
  • What is your goal with applying to the team? What are you hoping to achieve through that?
  • What skills and knowledge do you have that can contribute to the team and the community?
  • How much can you commit yourself to the role? Can you see yourself as a staff member in the long run? Months? Years?
  • Can you handle the different situations you'll be required to handle in a mature way?
  • How well do you handle social interactions? How well can you interact with others? How well can you handle disputes with others?
  • How well do you handle pressure? Can you keep a level head even during pressuring, frustrating or discouraging times?
  • Are you knowledgeable enough in our game rules and community rules?
  • How much time can you dedicate to your staffing duties? Can you staff daily? Will your daily schedule (school/work) allow you to remain active in the long run?
  • Do you have a clean record in our servers, or have you been banned/otherwise punished a lot? Will your history stand against you when you apply? Can you convince us you have changed your ways?
  • How is your reputation in the community? Are you familiar with the players and the staff? Are there any reputable players/staff that can recommend you?


Now that you know everything we look for in staff, here is the link to apply

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