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hi my name is proper, formally Proper.Grammer9 for some of y'all that knew me during my DR days. a handful of you remember me, and (i'm hoping) i am mostly unknown here since i have been away from this group/community for 4 1/2 years lol.
i am 20, a sophomore in college, and currently living in the midwest with my wonderful boyfriend while pursuing a degree in software engineering. i was recently diagnosed with ADHD and depression, and i'm still being evaluated for some other stuff atm.

i've been around a lot of gmod communities in my teenaged years and have a bit of an unfavorable reputation as a result of some silly decisions but i am (mostly) normal these days. i don't play much gmod anymore, but i'm sure once i get an itch for ttt i'll hop on.
i think i'm prety nice, but i have very dry humor so sometimes the things i say can come off a bit rude. sorry in advance. i do not hate anyone :)

AMA :) jk but hi