uh hi i guess


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hello after-hours gaymers

Just wanted to give a short introduction to this new token sweaty loser who has been showing up around the TTT server as of late.

My name is indeed Pingu (like the penguin from the tv show it was the best kids show you cannot argue). Anyhow I'm sorta in a new phase where I'm just enjoying hopping around different communities and meeting as many people as I can. My arrogant tone on the server sometimes probably doesn't help that but please don't take anything I say to heart I'm a gmod sweat at the end of the day my voice should not have any impact on you pls. Besides that I've been playing ttt since 2013 and have taken occasional breaks but never fully gotten away from it. With that I've also been a part of and committed to a lot of ttt communities over the years.
-Former Admin and Moderator of Everest Gaming TTT #1 and #2 ( 2014 - 2015) - met jaba here originally so it was cool to see him after many many years but now he's gone which is an oof but I agree it had to happen from hearing what y'all have had to say
-Former Manager Of Outerspace Gaming TTT (2015 - 2016)
-Former Moderator and Head Admin of BMS Gaming TTT #1 and #2 (2016 - 2017) - met proper and pauly here (pls get unbanned faster :( )
-Former High Admin of Allied Gaming TTT (2017 - 2018)
-Former Administrator of Carbon Castles TTT (2018 - 2019)
-Former Trial Admin of GFL Rotation TTT (2020)
-Former Admin of GFL 24/7 Minecraft TTT (2020 - 2021)
-Former Senior Mod for Garnet Gaming TTT (2021)
had to flex (is this even a flex? its like being the smartest person in the special ed room)

Anyways anyways hello all, I'll probably be swinging by now and then but wanted to give an actual semi-introduction to all the peeps. Hope to see y'all around in one way or another! (and sorry if i try too hard its just how I enjoy the game, just knife me if you need to get some anger or whatever out I get it)


metallia appericator

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hello there, are you looking to becoming a mod here, guessing from your terms


Are you shitting me in your pants?!
Pingu, welcome to the forums!

Help me please they have me here against my will.