Denied Ukogas's Ban Appeal

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Why you should be unbanned
I believe that I should be unbanned, because the 5 rdms that I committed were divided into 2 maps, 3 in the first (1 was forgiven, slays removed) and 2 in the second.​
I would also like to apologize to j3kawesome. The first time I killed him, it was an accident. The second I got pissed because he didn't forgive me and I overreacted. Since he was walking just in front of me I shot him and he was a traitor. That was entirely my fault, I fucked up.​
Again, my deepest apologies,​
- Kirito-kun.​


Good Morning Gamers
You were banned by @Voca for Mass RDM (1st offense)
Please wait patiently for their response.


Alright so since you are aware of exactly what got you banned, I dont see a need to post the evidence for the reports/RDMs

Now @Ukogas you are a fairly new player. But you have quite the record on you with a bunch of RDMing compared to how short time you have on our servers.

And when you RDM, its mostly lack of ruleknowledge and at times completely on purpose because you felt like it.
Your arguement about the 5 RDMs being over the course of 2 maps, doesnt mean a lot when you are slain for 3 of the 6 rounds in the first map. Due to this you RDMed every 2nd round when you were alive.

I do believe this ban should give you some time to reflect on the rules and how you play.

For that reason Im going to Denie this appeal.

Any further questions or Concerns, feel free to hit me up on Discord or other Dms.
Not open for further replies.