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Ok so before I start explaining myself, I acknowledge that the day before I got banned, I got warned on discord for posting a gore meme. That was just me being a dick, well sort of, and I just instantly forgot about it the next morning. But just hear me out, ok?​
Yesterday, when I was banned, people were talking about vine, and some guy said "It still exists under a different domain. It's [REDACTED]" For some reason I thought it was funny so I decided to update the joke, so I said "Actually it's not [REDACTED] it's [REDACTED]", which is a gore screamer (that has a warning about adult dark humor and 18+ content before it starts the bullshit, mind you!). I posted that message impulsively, I didn't even think about the rule against it or that I could get banned, since I never had to think about that rule - "I'm too sacred to do something like this", but shit happens I guess. Of course no one clicked it, captain k9 warned everyone. I only realized how much I fucked up when someone mentioned "people have been banned for much less than this". When I was doing it I didn't think about the rules at all, and if I could take it back I would.​
In my opinion the 2 week ban is meant for those, who are intentionally trolling by spamming pornographic content. I really don't see myself that way, it was just an impulsive joke, and I've been a member of ahg and sgm for a rather long time. I would be really grateful if you could at least shorten my ban. I swear on my mother's grave, it won't happen again. :(
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Tagging @Voca for he was the one that banned you, please be patient for his response.


Alright so you know what you did wrong, yet you still post the links for the 2 bad websides here in the appeal. Though given your appeal, Im asuming that you werent even aware that the first link you posted leads to pornography.

So in total if we consider your discord offense, you broke our Disturbing/pornographic content rule 6 times within 48 hours. I really should be denying the appeal.

But Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didnt know better, as well as, because you were contributing to a conversation ingame on an impulse.

I will be reducing your Ban to a week, you should spend that time to brushen up on the rules, and probably learn to check links you send, before you send them.

APPEAL: Reduced to 1 week
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