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I got bonked for sporn pray yesterday. In my opinion i don't think it was all that called for, i had already seen other ecchi like images sprayed around for several weeks now and i didn't consider mine to be any more inappropriate than what was already apparently allowed. Even then a good portion of higher up staff had already very much seen it over the course of a week without issuing me a warning or something of the sort, hell i think even pierogi saw it on another session several days before this.
And even if it was inappropriate, it wasn't done in bad faith as i always had in mind not choosing an image that could be interpreted as straight up explicit and was always willing to stop using risque images if staff were to told me to stop or just give a warning.

And to clear up some confusion, i didnt spray it again after pierogi issued me a warning. On my end the sequence of events was the following;
join server on a new map and spray le funny anime on a poster, several people call it out in VC so i relocate it on a random hallway so it stops getting attention, after some time i spray it again on another wall and it was after that that i got pierogi's warning and titans removal of my spray. I stayed around looking for a random meme as a replacement it but i got banned shortly after.

I understand that its not up to me to interpret what is appropriate and what isn't, i will ask staff to approve my sprays when they're ambiguous in the future.

Have a heart this is my last day of the semester and the winter update just came up 😔.​


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So, just to address this in short - I just think there was some miscommunication about the spray leading up to the ban. Pierogi and I both noticed the spray on the half life poster. He removed it then, and gave you a warning, but then shortly after those events, I noticed it had been sprayed again on a minecraft poster. I removed it myself, and I told pierogi about this, and he informed me that he had already removed the spray and warned you once, so in keeping with that, I banned you. The first warn would have come at the same time as when it started getting attention in VC. I suspect you might have just missed the first warning, or at least the first removal of the spray.

I've never known you to cause issues on the server, you're always respectful of the rules, and I believe that had there not been a miscommunication, the spray would not have been an issue

I'll accept the appeal my friend, just yeah, do be a bit more careful about those sprays, they're a finicky sort 😎 🎅

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