Weekly Recap - June 6th, 2021


Special Properations
TTT Server Development Updates
Within 30 minutes of the official opening of Vanilla TTT, the server hit its player limit. We were obviously ecstatic about this, but we also started noticing persistent lag spikes, especially when the server was at >30 players. Several hardware and server config optimizations later, average server performance has improved and lag spikes have disappeared. We're thankful for everyone's patience in dealing with the frequent lag spikes, crashes, and restarts as we got things stabilized.

Most of the other development stuff is boring internal stuff that I won't dwell too much on. Long story short, staff has better tools to handle RDM/troublemakers, and we can now automatically deploy updates to the server by pushing to a Github repository.

Speaking of Github, we opened a Github repository where you can report issues or suggest features. Check it out here!

TTT Rule Updates
We're trying to rebalance the SGM ruleset to be more effective at cutting down on repeat troublemakers while being slightly more generous on rule offenses that mostly affect regulars. Mainly:
  1. DoS/DDoS attacks on the server are now a permanent ban.
  2. Hacking is now a permanent ban on first offense, but can be appealed. Second offense is unappealable.
  3. RDM and leave no longer results in a ban, but can be considered toxic if done excessively.

TTT Content Updates
We added some new maps to the server, like ttt_mc_cargoship and ttt_casino. We'll continue adding more content throughout the month, including new maps, player models, and potentially 1 or 2 new weapons.

We've also been actively tuning weapon balance on the server. Although it's a departure from the SGM weapon meta, many people expressed that things needed to be shaken up a bit. Weapon balance is at a better place now than it was before, but we will continue responding to feedback and making any adjustments needed over the next few months. If you have any feedback on the balance of vanilla weapons make a post here - Vanilla Weapon Balance Feedback Thread

A Clarification on VIP Legacy and an Update on Donations
I've received a lot of questions about VIP legacy over the past few days, so I wanted to clear things up.

VIP Legacy is not a replacement for VIP. VIP legacy benefits will be mostly cosmetic. We understand this may be disappointing to some people, but AHG is receiving nothing from Highwon other than a list of SGM VIPs. No content, no code, and certainly none of the money. We need to raise money to fund our own servers, which is done by selling ranks.

There will be four ranks available to purchase at launch. They are as follows:
  1. A permanent $10 rank (like SGM)
  2. A permanent $20 rank (like SGM)
  3. A monthly $15 rank (think Elite on SGM)
  4. A yearly $150 rank (think Legendary on SGM)
As to when these ranks will be available for purchase, we're trying to have everything ready within a week from today. This might get pushed back if we haven't made sufficient progress with the servers, since we don't want to sell an unfinished product.

That's all for now!
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It never really made sense why cheating was only a tempban. Good to see it starts off with a perma.


Good Morning Gamers
It never really made sense why cheating was only a tempban. Good to see it starts off with a perma.
Highwon insisted in temporary bans, since more people that are banned the more time it takes to load the servers, since the list of all banned players have to be loaded in.
Now rdm and leave isnt a ban, since we can add slays to their ID, which fixes a majority of that historical problem.