Important Winter Event Week 2 Update Notes (+Important TTT Announcements)


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AHG Winter Holiday Event Week 2
Welcome to week 2! We've got a bunch of fun stuff to announce today, so let's get right into it.
Vanilla Revival
Our Winter Event has seen enough renewed interest in our TTT server to put Vanilla back on the menu! Here's the SparkNotes:
  • We'll be releasing a Vanilla TTT server the day after the Winter Event ends (January 10th).
  • It will use the exact same weapon stats as SGM's Vanilla TTT servers.
  • It will be hosted in the US East region.
  • It will launch with a core set of Minecraft maps that are tried and tested. Newer Minecraft maps will be added after rigorous testing and optimization for performance and download size.
Community Contributors
A long-term goal of mine has been to make AHG an innovative community that's capable of producing its own custom content such as maps, weapon skins, and player models. To accomplish this, we're creating a new rank called Community Contributor.

Community contributors will be commissioned (yes, it's paid!) to produce and modify custom content to provide a smooth and content-rich experience for our players. To apply, shoot me a DM on the forums with the following:
  1. Your area(s) of expertise (maps, models, weapon skins, etc)
  2. How much experience you have in those area(s)
  3. Why you're interested in the position
  4. How long you could see yourself in the position for

With all that said, let's give @optimal a warm welcome as our first Community Contributor! Optimal has been a tremendous help with the Winter Event, creating three Christmas reskins of maps and patching countless more.
Custom Crosshairs
You can now modify your crosshair's appearance via the F1 menu. FOV sliders are coming soon!

New Weapon Skins
We've got three new weapon skins coming at you this week. As a reminder, these can only be purchased during the event.

Python | Finald
Required Rank: Supporter
Unlock Criteria: 50 kills with the Python during the Winter Event.

M24 | Arctic
Required Rank: Supporter
Unlock Criteria: 50 kills with the M24 during the Winter Event.

Galil | Snowflake
Required Rank: VIP
Unlock Criteria: 100 kills with the Galil during the Winter Event.

New Maps
ttt_christmas_pool_2017, ttt_mc_richland_holiday, and ttt_xmas_dolls

Week 2 Giveaway
This week's giveaway is for 4 VIP and 8 Supporter ranks! You can enter HERE

This post would be incomplete without an acknowledgment of the community members that helped make this week's update possible. A very special thanks to the following users:
  • @optimal for creating ttt_christmas_pool_2017 and ttt_xmas_dolls, as well as fixing up countless other maps
  • @Marshal Zuijj for creating and letting us use ttt_mc_richland_holiday
  • @danstorm for creating the M24 | Arctic and Galil | Snowflake skins
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Excited to try out the new stuff!

And thanks for all the volunteer work some of y'all have done it looks great!


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You can now modify your crosshair's appearance via the F1 menu. FOV sliders are coming soon!

Any chance for a viewmodel swap so it appears on the left-hand side?