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I'm a keep it real. I did troll the first few times but I played about two or three days ago and enjoyed it and stayed. However, I think his name is Voca was being a dickhead to me and I wasn't with that. Dude picked on me for no reason. One example was when I accidentally killed my T buddy and I apologized and he forgave me. That Voca dude slayed me twice and I asked why if I wasn't purposely killing anyone. He did this multiple times but when people t baited or rdmed me, it was never a big deal. He strictly focused on me. He's a shitter and thats just being honest. I got mad at the end and rdmed, then left. I just wanted to put this out there and say Voca is a dickhead. I'm not sure why buddy kept picking on me the entire time. I played in the server for like two hours and it was a chill time until the dickhead got on me for no reason. He's lame. I am going against the 15 week ban because that is extreme. Voca was just a dickhead and thats just being the truth​


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@Pierogi banned you please be patient as he responds


Since I was kinda mentioned in this, I'd just like to add, that I have no clue who you are for real, even tho I banned you for Mass RDM back in June I didnt even recognize you.
The only time I slayed you, was because you Intentionally RDMed your Tbuddy with a Jihad, and they didnt forgive you - Intentional T on T RDM = 2 slays.
If you wanted clarification on people not getting slain for your reports, you could just have asked, which I dont believe you ever did.

Thats about it, I believe the rest of this appeal lies in you RDMing some people and leaving, and Pierogi likely noticed that you just got off your Mass RDM 2nd offense, and therefor Extended the ban due to your colorful history.

Im sorry to break your heart, but I had no focus on you at all, you were just kinda there breaking rules. o.o


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Below are screenshots of the damage logs that caused your Mass RDM 3rd offense ban which warrants a 4 week local ban by itself. All of this happened on round 5 on MW2 Terminal.

XOGutierrez Reports.png
XOGutierrez Mass RDM.PNG

As you can see, You killed 3 players within 5 seconds after the round started and damaged another for 79hp 22 seconds into the round. Then you killed another player at 41 seconds into the round. Voca finally put you down after mass rdming. Only 2 players where able to get there reports in before you left the server, and for one of your responses, it said "sorry man its a message to voca". Because you left before the other players could report, I went ahead and banned you for 4 weeks Mass RDM 3rd Offense. Pierogi extended this ban to 16 weeks given your extensive history in only a short amount of play time on the server, this includes heavy slur usage, 2 previous Mass RDM bans, and Toxicity.
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So you were banned for Mass RDM (3rd offense) by AaWolly. Upon seeing your history, I issued a Toxicity ban for three main reasons:
  1. You managed to get three mass RDM bans in only three hours of playtime.
  2. You have a history of using slurs, and I personally warned you for using one earlier in the session.
  3. The toxic nature of your third mass RDM offense.
Due to the way you handled this appeal, I will be adding an extra four weeks to your original ban length. You will be unbanned on January 11, 2022.

Feel free to shoot me a DM on the forums if you have any questions.

Appeal: Denied, not voided
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