Valid zomborg's Report Against TragicMagic

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Came into shoutbox today to see the admin Tragic telling someone "Ryan you should ACTUALLY kill yourself fr fuck you". When called out about saying this statement, he responded incredibly sarcastic. 3 individuals including myself said he shouldn't be saying such things, especially in a public setting, and he just doubled down and sees no issue with speaking in such a manner in a public forum.​
If you are an admin, you are a representative of the community. You are supposed to be a model for players. If a player went to another and said "hey go kill yourself fr" they'd get punished, yet he sees no issue with doing it himself. This isn't the same as calling a friend a ****** or a retard whatsoever. You are an ADMIN telling someone to "kill themselves fr". It doesn't matter if they're you're friend or not, speaking like that, especially in shoutbox of all places, is incredibly inappropriate.​
What if new players came and saw that? What if someone saw that and then goes to start telling others to kill themselves and says it's fine because an admin did it? I'm not expecting high-tier professionalism but holy fuck dude read the room and know when it's appropriate to speak like that and especially don't double down when you get called out because clearly if 3 people are telling you that you shouldn't be speaking that way then maybe you should do some inner reflection. An administrator telling a player, friend or not, to "kill themselves fr" is absolutely uncalled for, unnecessary, and the allowance of such nonsense is ridiculous.​
I took screenshots of shoutbox if necessary but hopefully Tragic stands by what he said enough to not delete or edit anything until this report is complete.​
I will edit this to not take up unnecessary room; this report is not to claim harassment, it's to point out the fact that this kind of thing shouldn't have happened from a staff member in the first place. Obviously harassment is up to the person, but this report is not about that and more towards how he should be interacting with the community and what little semblance of professionalism from staff towards the community there should be.​
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Pinging my lead @Lordyhgm to deal with this when she can.

Yes I said this, no I will not delete/edit anything so you don't have to worry about that regard.

I will admit that what I said was unprofessional. I should not have said it in a public setting. However it is not harassment due to the fact that aside from slurs, the only time staff intervene on harassment is when the victim reports it which in this case did not happen. Similarly, if you yourself (or anyone else) were to say to someone "go kill yourself" you wouldn't immediately get in trouble unless they reported it as harassment.

But again, yes, what I said was unprofessional. I should not have said it in a public setting, and for that I apologise and can personally assure you and anyone else that this will not happen again.


Aight, so this situation is actually more akin to two friends parrying back and forth, however as you say, staff are held to higher standards and are a face to the community. As such, it was inappropriate for Tragic to have used such a joke towards ryan in public/not clearly as a joke. It is indeed one the first channels that new players see and interact with, and so for the image of the administration to be telling players to kill themselves is not conducive to a pleasant environment.

As however this actually just two close friends joking around, the only consideration I will be going forwards with to Tragic is the inappropriate time and place for such jokes.

Thank you for reporting

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