Community Rules

Community, Forum, and Discord Rules

Below are After Hours Gaming's forum rules. Upon signing up for the forums, you are expected to adhere to these rules. You should read through this page thoroughly.

General Rules
1) We are an English-speaking community. Only speak in English.
2) Comply with any warning or instruction given by the staff team. This includes things such as changing topics.
3) Users should remain civil with each other at all times.

Username Rules
4) The first 3 characters of your name must be 3 English characters.
5) You may not use a username which is likely to cause offense to other people or instigate drama.
[*] Failure to adhere to the username rules may result in your username being changed alongside an appropriate punishment.

Prohibited Actions
6) Slurs are not welcome in this community. Any attempt to loophole slurs may also result in punishment.
7) Advertising of any other servers unrelated to After Hours Gaming is not allowed.
8) Porn and disturbing content is not allowed within the community.
9) Harassment of other users - this includes name-calling or shaming of another user.
10) Illegal discussions are prohibited in the community.
11) Any attempt to Dox another user will be met with a significant punishment.

Forum Etiquette
1) Spamming - Do not create threads en masse without reason or post otherwise irrelevant things on threads. This includes creating threads aggressively, ironically, or of trollishly poor quality.
2) Gravedigging - Do not post on threads which have become irrelevant.
3) Seizure inducing content is not allowed.
4) Do not abuse the rating system.
5) Follow any additional subforum rules given.

Multiple Accounts
6) Users may not create multiple accounts on the forum. Doing so to evade a ban will be punished harshly.
[*] Any alternate account will be banned, and the main account will be punished accordingly.

Shoutbox Rules
7) Do not use a color which will strain a user's eyes to look at.
8) Any discord rule will also apply to the shoutbox.

Signature Rules
9) The size of your signature may not exceed 350 pixels in height.

Reporting Content
10) Do not backseat moderate. Allow the staff team to handle any issue present.
[*] If you feel a user has broken a rule, feel free to use the report option or contact a staff member directly. Punishments are on a case-by-case basis.


[*] Punishments may include but are not limited to the use of warning points, bans and removal of permissions.

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    Apr 29, 2021
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