Aight, this took a while to get going.

Agent Knockout

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The title says it all, really: I was unable to join the forums until today, as I was too preoccupied. The sad thing is, I will probably be busy for another month :( After then, I cannot say.

But, regardless, hello AHG community! It be the Bulgarian, indeed.

I believe most of you know me here, but for those not, here's a short of it: I am from Bulgaria, and like most others, came from the Serious Gmod community after it entered transition, having resigned as moderator several months before. Indeed, I am looking forward to the AHG servers launching, because I miss Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Garry's Mod, a lot.

In a way, I also miss the community, because it was also a family and somewhere I escaped hardship. Perhaps, even a Rodina (Motherland), and many good memories were made.

Let us make the best of this.


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is that
is that
agent knocckout?
Welcome to AHG Agent