Any tips would be much appreciated


Assistant Director

hi jack$on, you were asking for any tips? i've uploaded my route for this map in the video above. mine is not the best, i could definitely improve it. i noticed in your run, you could have gotten an extra 25 speed by prestrafing with W+D or W+A in the stsarting zone, depending on which direction you're looking, obviously. now, i got a pretty bad ssj, that being 615, pretty low for me! having ssj (speed on sixth jump) stats is really important for me, maybe it could help you as well. it helps determine if the beginning of your run is a good start or not. you could also be skipping more blocks, instead of 1 by 1, but you'll grow out of this as you get better! for the surf up, you should take a wide strafe instead of not strafing at all, this allows you to retain more speed. i also prefer not to listen to music while i play games, especially bhop so i can hear the stepping sounds. i had to take an extra jump at the end towards the booster so i could hit the skip. if i run this again, yeah i could definitely get a sub 1:10, and by that time i'll have beaten lemin's record!