Approved Ban Appeal. An honest mistake

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Hello, I'm here to appeal for my ban from 1/17/21. SteamID SirballzDeep. Truthfully knew the plugin was broken for the flash image. Truthfully didn't know there were still working ads on the bottom of the website representing pornographic image. Very fond of the server, Fond of the people. Made a mistake getting carried away with the vibes that night, not knowing there were still working images on the website so I sent the link as a joke relating to the post game music. I spend the most time on this server and im on vacation rn. Havent been able to play since this break started


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Alright, so I was the one who initially banned you for posting a porn link in chat for 2 weeks.


While the plugin may not be supported, the website still has ads for NSFW websites on it.


While not too specific, the rule would fall under posting Porn Links.

Since this is your first ban and the fact that you didn't know the ads on the website existed, I'll be accepting this appeal.

But, if you're caught posting Porn Links or any other imagery, whether that'd be Disturbing or straight up Porn, your next appeal will not be accepted.

Appeal: Accepted
Not Voided
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