Checking in again after (almost) half a decade


I never thought I would, but the destiny of the server I wasted so many hours on intrigued me and here I am. I heard what happened whilst talking to folks about TTT and one of them mentioned the end of SGM. I wasn't exactly shocked, as it was inevitable that TTT would eventually decline in popularity after so many years of activity. I got on with it and decided to witness its rebirth, even if I was late to its inception.

I used to go by a different username on the other site (which is linked to the same Steam account, if someone would like to prove its authencity) but that persona is unrecognizable today, even to me. I outlasted the admins that used to punish me on a regular schedule and all of my friends seemed to have moved on. The content related to it is severely outdated and I would avoid posting things like that today. That being said, I am looking forward to the growth of this community.

I hope we can be of use to eachother.


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I like caterpillars too :))


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been awhile space cowboy.

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i haven't played that much (disloyal pricks!!!!), so I don't necessarily know you, but yes. If you RDM and propkill we might be great RDM accomplices.