Current Gun Meta (Week 1)

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hi guys i thought we should discuss the current gun meta as obviously a lot has changed. here's my personal pics for the top 3 guns in the current gun meta, from worst to best

#3 - MP5
MP5 seems pretty good.

#2 - Famas
Famas is now the best gun. Having virtually no recoil and a fast fire rate and good damage. Basically SGM's P90.

#1 - Crowbar.
Crowbar is now the best gun. I tried to kill a guy with a shotgun point blank but it did nothing and then he hit me twice with crowbar and I died even tho I basically had full health. A really strong gun, basically the Mac10 on crack, with the added advantage of not requiring ammunition. You can also carry 2 other guns on top of the crowbar, in case you need to make up for its weak long-range game. Solid choice.

this is just my own opinion, please feel free to add your picks as well


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Most popular, who use ak47 & Galil.

AK47 -- I can't think, it has high damage on headshot. but high recoil (good for group or close combat)

Galil -- it's good less recoil and long range (against ak47 or other gun)

Shotgun -- OMG NOOB, GET PRO!


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Current best loadout is:

USP for 1 tap headshots
HUGE for when you run out of ammo on your USP