Pending [Customization] Be able to change your rank colour.


I am a strong advocate for users being able to be able to choose for themselves how they wish to appear to others. At the moment I think most of us can agree that the colours for the ranks aren't exactly that appealing to a large audience, mostly in shades of green for the currently available ones. I think that, for permanent ranks, not including presigious(read further) you should be able to choose your own colour from a selection(increasing per rank tier). This will apply to VIP+ as well imo, since it's a tier below Elite for a monthly rank. Elite and Prestigious can change their colours once a week. If a Supporter/VIP rank person wishes to change their colour after changing already, they can pay an amount. I've seen this system work well in other places and can have a place here as well. The rank colour changes will apply across all mediums ofcourse.

Jabba the Slut

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The only thing I'd say is that staff members won't receive this functionality. Gotta make sure they stay recognizable.