Developer Change Log - Week of August 9th, 2021

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My Dime Is Up

My Dime Is Kachow
August 14th, 2021
  • Fixed rank syncing when people bought a permanent rank and then a monthly rank

August 12th, 2021
  • Fixed harpoon holding model
  • Updated harpoon to have a 2 second delay after throwing before you can pick up to prevent people rapidly throwing, picking up throwing (repeat) to spam.

August 11th, 2021
  • Updated spray system. It is simpler and easier for staff and players alike. Run !spray to set your spray!
  • Fixed cs_assault and de_dust2 resulting in people with conflicting maps
  • Fixed spray system breaking if using a webm or gifv

August 10th, 2021
  • Updated mapvote in the case of a map change failing (the .bsp doesn't exist on our server) it will fallback to ttt_minecraft_b5 and no longer hang and require an admin+ to force change the map
  • Fixed dodgeball showing last alive reward 15+ times to the player with the most kills (they never got these points just the message)
  • Fixed green bars that flash to indicate the winning map on a mapvote being misaligned.
  • Fixed RDM manager pop up on fun rounds
  • Fixed RDM manager error sound not playing when attempting to report on a fun round
  • Fixed money flow for TTT rewards causing stuck money icons

August 9th, 2021
  • Added radar scan upgrade to TTT Perks to decrease the amount of time between radar scans. There are 5 levels, each reducing the radar scan by 3 seconds for a max upgrade of 15 seconds.
  • Added combobulator to loadout tab
  • Fixed duplicate five-seven in loadout tab
  • Fixed mapvote error where people who joined during an active mapvote were unable to vote
  • Updated accent coloring on Fun Round alert panel as well as end of round songs to now match our community blue color
  • Updated end of round music to not play previous played songs on the same map
  • Removed zombie playermodels due to heads missing
  • Removed default SpecDM stats tracking
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