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Hello Hello Hello!

My name is aco taco. I am familiar with quite a few members already from SGM but am still new to the AHG community and servers. Glad to see many familiar faces and many more new ones! I have not had a PC that was enjoyable/usable for gaming in over three years and I recently got myself upgraded. I am able to play games much more than I was before!

I work within the entertainment industry doing photography and creative direction with various artists, agencies, and brands. If anyone feels inclined, my website with my portfolio of (most) of my work is viewable at I've been practicing photography for seven years now and love what it enables me to do. Most of my photos are taken on 35mm and 120mm film cameras from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s because the quality and vibe of a film photo that I love can't be fully reproduced or edited in with a digital format.

The community that I was lucky to be apart of over at SGM was very special to me and had a lot of positive impact; I am very looking forward to experiencing and growing with this new one! Feel free to add me on Steam, happy gaming! :)

aco taco
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Hey there sunshine
hey aco its nice to see you back!


Good Morning Gamers