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Been wondering this for a while, no point in posting it on SGM, answer with whichever ruleset fit..,,...
Lets say I'm an innocent, and I haven't heard anyone talk for 30 seconds (usually my tell for when I'm the last inno although I don't act on it), and then I hear a traitor say "You're the last innocent". In this situation:
-Am I allowed to kill whoever I see? Or do I have to wait for potentially 5 other people to shoot me first?
-If I kill an innocent after having reasonable belief to believe I am the last innocent, am I to blame for in my eyes trying to fight a potential 1v6 based on a lying T's information?
-Is it metagaming/ghosting to tell the last person alive their the last person left? It makes the game more fun than 6 people shooting 1 unsuspecting person down with gauss rifles

When someone tells me I'm the last innocent, I feel like I often can't actually do anything, besides kill the person who said it, even if I'm capable, due to punishment. Sure I can catch 1 person with a T weapon, and maybe the person who said it, but how many others can I fight with whatever Health I'm left at? Am I supposed to pretend I didn't hear it? I've heard if I kill a traitor after the traitor says that, they could be punished for the reports on me, or banned for metagaming. I'm not trying to get anyone banned for improving gameplay, I believe in good gameplay over strictness to rules. I will honestly let myself die in this situation usually, which defeats the purpose of being told and ruins it. Sometimes I'm a T and I want to tell the last innocent the truth to even it out a little more, but out of fear I just let them die to a T buddy with a gauss rifle. No fun in that, although maybe I'm wrong in that. Not even sure how I'd suggest a rule change or mechanic or anything tbh but I'd at least want to know what to do in these situations rather let myself die so no one gets punished

Captain K9

Its a very tricky situation, my personal view on this is that if you as a traitor are going to tell the innocent that he's the last one, you gotta have agreed to it with your t-buddies in t-chat beforehand and made sure no one is going to report or call rdm as well as making sure there are no other innocents left so they don't accidentally rdm, from an innocents perspective, personally if a traitor told me that, id assume he was being genuine and they had nothing to loose, so I would immediately kill anyone on sight, however I also understand why we maybe should not do this, in order to allow for suspense, tactical play and doubt, there's two sides to the coin, I don't know the right answer.


3rd Color of the Rainbow
If someone says "You're the last innocent" you're allowed to kill the remaining players. But as a traitor you need to communicate and have approval of your Tbuddies to say that or else all the damage done to your Tbuddies falls on you. It isn't ghosting **but if done extensively by a person without consent from the other traitors it might fall under metagaming, I don't know about that part**

**not sure**


The cuddly bear
"This situation has to be reasonable, if there’s 8 players left, most traitors have been killed and someone says you’re the last innocent, then it will be considered toxic gameplay towards both players."
Can you please elaborate this sentence. I am not following on the toxic gameplay towards both players. Do you say it is when 1/2 T's call it on multiple inno's or do you mean when an inno calls it out?

Since T's have always been allowed to use the "You are the last inno alive" sentence as a "The traitor is essentially calling a KOS on all the other innocents, so it'd be treated as such."


What if, as the last traitor I say over comma “you are the last innocent” and then 1 guy kills 3 innos. Cant that be seen as a valid tactic to win the round?