Denied pablo.gonzales.2007's Ban Appeal

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First of all sorry about the spam of the weapons i did not know that it was gonna lag the whole server, but anyways it is done i got a warning from FrogDoggo and I was not going to do it again. I was only spamming weapons because I had nothing to do with the points but I repeat, I did not know what was going to happen only for buying and buyingw weapons from the shop

i am sorry again.

and developing team should put a cooldown on buying weapons so this will never happen again.


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Alright Pablo, Lets look at the evidence
Here you are spamming guns and dropping them in a pile which caused a lot of lag on the server

I am going to say that with your history of 3 Toxicity Bans (Just got off of one 3 days ago) along with a lot of slays I have a hard time believing this. I am going to Deny your appeal
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