Denied Ukogas's Ban Appeal

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My ban was made out of emotion, because the person who banned me felt like what I said was directed to them and took it offensively, even though I wasn't intending to offend anyone (the first message is an exception, given it is a quote from a retarded meme I said sarcastically: "Cry all you want, there are only two genders" which goes with tf2 characters dancing sped up).

Now I was banned for "harassment" and "transphobic" behavior. First I'll address the harassment part. This isn't harassment because: What I said wasn't directed to a specific person, neither was it an intended insult. I would never insult someone that hasn't done anything to me, not on purpose anyway.

Now for the "transphobia". Let's see what transphobia is. Transphobia - fear or hatred of transsexual people. Now, people who are actually transphobic and hate people just because they assume a different gender are fucking dicks and should be buried in a shithole. But I don't HATE or FEAR transsexuals. Actually, I admire them for being so based, doing what they want and not giving a damn what others say. Okay maybe that last part isn't very true because you seem like you really give a fuck, but that's fine, I would in your place too. Basically what I said is "There are only 2 actual genders, the rest are sexualities". But isn't this true? Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer are sexualities. If you're lesbian, you're still a female. If you're gay, you're still a male. If you're bi, the same applies. The part where they supposedly detected "transphobia" is where I said "If you are trans m to f, your gender is still technically male, but your sexuality is trans male to female". As a man of science, that's how I feel and it's my opinion, but don't you fucking assign me to those human shit stains.

I acted rashly, without thinking how you might feel, I try my best to avoid doing that, but sometimes things happen and I apologize for not being thoughtful that day. Though I doubt you thought twice about banning me either :(

Deepest Apologies,

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First of all when you warned me, I didn't keep going. I explained why I believe what I said not to be transphobic. Second, I didn't have a "goal". As you said, you told rodsin to use your pronouns and my facebook discussive ass detected something. I wasn't thinking straight, can't really remember what was in my head. I mostly just detect a topic and just start stating my opinion, like I'm used to, since I fuck around with flat earthers on facebook. I think I should be unbanned because I do not believe my messages to be transphobic OR harassment. And as I said, the "cry all you want" was quoted from a dark joke meme, which you obviously didn't know (, and what I said wasn't hateful... well I hope, because I forgot more than half of what happened, almost felt like I was on ecstasy.

About the "thou shant invoke his name", that's a bind I pressed by accident. I usually use it when people say "ohmigod" or "fogodsake". About the "he", "she", I don't remember very well, as I said my mind wasn't exactly clear, but I'm certain it wasn't meant insultingly, as in " 'im they!' he she he she im calling you he or she to piss you off haha", as I'm not at all transphobic. Probably was my way of saying "he, she, who cares, no need to get butthurt".

I never meant to be offensive, sometimes I don't really check whether what I'm saying is controversial, I just send the message and think about it later. I really didn't think someone would be offended, to be honest I didn't think you were even trans. Also, tip for later. Warnings work better when you make them feel empathetic. So instead of saying "Hey boy, stop it" you could say "Please stop, you're hurting my feelings". Knowing my ass I would've switched servers. I'm really sorry for making you feel offended. Sometimes I am compassionate, sometimes I'm full narcissist. I can't really help it :/
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Just addding these as extra evidence for the conversation that led to the ban.

During the beginning of this I was actually questioning where you come from.
Cause some of the first messages, I looked into as if you were from a Country similiar to mine.

to Explain: I come from a country where if you were to translate Gender or Sex, you would get the same word, cause we have only this 1 word that both means Gender and Sex - Meaning in my country Gender and sex means the same thing, however we instead made up a word that translates to Gender Identity to cope with the aspects of gender.
So in my country it is not technically wrong to say there is only 2 genders, as long as you support it with there being multiple gender Identities. - However you didnt do that.

So I was looking into your case to see if there was any similarities, in case of misunderstandings between Language culture between countries.

But with the rest of the stuff you said, nothing of it added up for it to having anything to do with cultural langauge usage. (or science for that matter)
First of all you are saying that Trans is a sexuality and not a gender.

Sexuality having to do with who you are attracted to, has nothing to do with the conversation about genders, and no matter how you look at it Trans have to do with gender/identity

Even if you ment to say, gender and sex is different, the whole conversation wouldnt add up, because if you were reffering to gender the same way they would in my country, it wouldnt make sense to say gender and sex is different, in that case they would be the same.

At the end of the day, someone brought up their pronouns, and you imediately started acting disrespectful about it, refusing to use said pronoun, implying that said pronouns doesnt exist to you.
You may not be fearing or hating on trans, but the comments you made was transphobic none the less.

I always say, we cant change eachother's personal beliefs on a variety of stuff, and Im in no position either to tell you to change your views. But the least I ask of you is to be respectful to others, especially when it comes to someone's gender and identity. No matter what your personal beliefs are, we on this server are accepting of people within the LGBTQ+ community, harassment directed towards them will not be tollerated.

I will be denying this appeal, to give you some time to think about what was said and done.

If you or anyone else wish to discuss this decision, you are free to message me on Discord or over the forums.

Appeal: Denied
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